Spiderman Mcdonalds Drive Thru Prank! W/ Happy Meal Joker Venom Hulk Spiderbaby Disney In Real Life

Duration : 11:3
Published At : 19 April 2017
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Description : SPIDERMAN MCDONALDS DRIVE THRU Prank! w/ Happy Meal Joker Venom Hulk Spiderbaby Disney in Real Life
Spiderman is hungry and goes to Mcdonald Drive Thru with his yellow car ! Hulk serves him a Mcdonalds Happy Meal with a surprise toy in his Mcdonalds . A Giant Octopus attack him! but spiderman run for his life then goes around the pool but he is still chased by this monster! luckily his got a spiderman toy that he put on the ground then the bad octopus walk on it and fall into the pool!
Then we have Spiderbaby almost crashing his car! but Spiderman dad is here for him!
Enjoy this parody with all your favorite superheroes videos with your family fun! Thanks for watching my funny movies videos for kids!
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Music by Kevin MacLeod

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